About us

Lyon City Tour is part of a new project implemented in recent years by the city of Lyon and the Tourism Information Office, in order to improve the range and quality of tourism in the city.

Established in June 2005, “Lyon City Tour” offers a 15km tour through the main parts of the city.

Standing out amongs the traffic, the double-decker open-top buses provide a tour lasting for 1 hour and 15 minutes, incorporating 11 stops. Passengers can thus enjoy a panoramic view, get off to explore a neighborhood and take another bus later to continue their tour.

Along the route commentary is broadcast via individual headphones, which are comfortable and cancel out external noise. Each passenger has a selector switch that allows him to select the broadcast language of his choice: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German and Japanese.

In 2016, a new product arrived in Lyon, Lyon City Tram is climbing on the Croix Rousse hill. A third bus is also arriving on the bus service.

In 2017, Vienne City Tram is arriving in Vienne (south of Lyon) to discover the medieval city.

2018, a fourth bus will propose a new service in Lyon.